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Desert Heat Radio

Desert Heat Radio

Country: United States
Genre:80s, Rock n Roll, Classic hits
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Streaming Radio so hot it makes the devil sigh......

The hottest NEW Streaming Radio on the net!
Based in Barstow in the heart of the High Desert region of the Mojave Desert in California, bringing you the hottest music around!

Desert Heat Radio is also 100% volunteer based. We do not sell advertising and no one can purchase advertising on our shows. Everything we do is from the heart and not sponsored by any paid advertising. The advertising on the site itself is used to pay for the back end operations, licensing and all the legal stuff. :P

Rocking the radio right off the net!! Live DJ's with shows so damn hot it will make you sweat!!!

Tune in for some of the best shows you will EVER hear.... the resident catlady has some crazy CRAZY things for you so random you will not want to miss a second of our programming!

There is a bio section for each DJ and interesting facts about them! To contact the DJ's simply put their name in the subject line and email to: [email protected] But don't tell them the cat lady ratted them out....


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