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Pirate Radio Dolgellau

Pirate Radio Dolgellau

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Rock, Indie, 80s
Phone:01341 408162

Fully licenced radio station based in Dolgellau North Wales.


Pirate Radio Dolgellau is a commercial community radio station owned by Murgatroyd Broadcast Engineering Limited. The station is fully licenced with both the PRS and PPL licencing authority although the name suggests otherwise! Pirate Radio Dolgellau is a ‘light-hearted’ project which supports local people and businesses within the area, playing songs and instrumentals from a vast database of commercial music.

We also make radio jingles and advertising. Get in touch! 


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Thank you all for listening to my 'bonkers' radio station! Enjoy!! Live shows Tuesdays and Thursdays and much more... join us on Facebook. :-D
My kinda music . . Lovely to have a local interest radio station!!!
Don't publish this, but after talking today and listening to tonight (I've known ever track so far) I finally feel I'm at home at last, with musicians (and others) who are likeminded!! and I've not even had a drink yet!
OMG, at last a station that plays my types of music. Well done.
Excellent playlist; not heard a song I don’t like. Great mix of the familiar and stuff I’ve not heard.
Awesome to have a local radio station playing great music :)
Fabulous! Great start ☺️