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Tejano Showdown

Tejano Showdown

Country: United States
Genre:Oldies, Country, Hip Hop

In 2016 the Tejanoshowdown Radio show took to the air waves in Odessa TX and became the 1st Tejano show to be played on FM radio in West Texas in over 20 years. La Caliente 101.3 FM, gave a radio personality (Joe Reyes) the hard job of introducing Tejano music back to West Texas in a town that was fully Norteno. While in the Permian Basin Joe was known as "La Voz de la Musica Tejana". The Tejanoshowdown show for 3 years was rated #1 on the weekends, beating out all genres of radio stations. In early 2020 Joe Reyes left Odessa, TX and La Caliente and took the Tejanoshowdown show to XTREME Tejano internet radio and also to Tejano Lippz internet radio. The Tejanoshowdown show was on air weekdays from 7am - 10am with listeners tuning in from all over the world.

Now Joe Reyes, aka El Mero Mero Pistolero and wife Yolanda Reyes are taking the Tejanoshowdown show to the next level as they have rebranded the name and logo and are now proud to introduce a station made by the people for the people. TEJANOSHOWDOWN.COM internet radio where they are offering an open door to all up and coming artist who don't have the big label help behind them a place to show case their music. Not only TEJANO but ALL GENRES of music because they both truly believe that if an artist takes the time to send them their music then they will play it and let the listeners decide if this artist should get more air time. This is why TEJANOSHOWDOWN.COM is the station made by the people for the people.


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