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The Secret Lounge Radio

The Secret Lounge Radio

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:House, Dance, Electronic
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The Secret Lounge Radio is a new radio station with a female empowerment ethos.

Cool, Sexy Lounge and House music 24/7 for your auditory pleasure.

We also regularly have live stream shows featuring top DJs from around the world.

About The Secret Lounge Radio

How amazing is it when you find people who love the same music as you? 

The Secret Lounge is an exciting new Radio Station where everyone is welcome.   A community and platform created to bring people together through the love of music, and also to empower & liberate women and anyone who identifies as a woman.

Escape to our Secret Lounge world and get lost in the chilled lounge vibes, funky, sexy house or the deep, progressive & tech house sets later into the evening.

As a station run by females, other women can feel safe in our environment, knowing that we set the rules.  We believe all woman should be free to be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and not be controlled by anyone, society's ideals or old fashioned mindsets.

We love men - but on our terms; We love sexy - but not sleazy;  we love exploring - but not exploitation (unless it's on our own agenda of course!).  Hopefully by now you get our vibe and where we're coming from.

Our amazing worldwide DJ's & DJane's all offer something unique and special, check out the DJ page, get to know them and read their personal empowering quotes, stories & messages.

Our blog offers stories, links, news & articles to help and inspire the modern woman.  We encourage anyone who would like to share their own content on our blog to please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  Knowledge is power and sharing this power is what we are all about. 

With our members only online VIP area you can meet, chat, laugh and have fun with like minded people, all to the sounds of TSL.

It's completely FREE to be a member and anyone can join, but ladies you can feel safe knowing that we take security and safety very seriously. 

Enjoy the ultimate, most glamorous night out in,  with our regular Zoom nights where you can meet, dance, drink, chat & interact with other TSL members, to the sounds of TSL. What other reason do you have to get dressed up and stay in at the moment (especially if you're in a country experiencing the Covid 19 pandemic).

In the future we hope to organise actual Venue Events but for now, our "locked in" Zoom parties are the next best thing.

Have you ever thought about partying in a virtual world?  We take online partying to a completely different level with our virtual events, in which you can dance & have fun to the sounds of The Secret Lounge.  Some may call it controversial, but hey, with our female empowerment ethos, why the hell not?!   There are a few different levels of worlds & it may not be for you, which is completely your choice, but we are not here to judge others. TSL is a judgement free world where everyone has the freedom to explore  & have fun in a safe environment.   

So feel free to experience the fantasy world and be whoever you want to be.  Our virtual events have our own resident DJ playing the sounds of TSL.  (charges may apply to join the virtual event).

Please know we are always here to offer support and advice whenever you need it.  So what are you waiting for -  let's GO HAVE FUN & listen to some amazing tunes while doing it!!!!!!!!


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