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About Us

About radio directory was created by four radio amateurs from Ireland. We wanted to create a directory where the search for the right station should not cause difficulties for the user, so we created an engine to search for radio stations around the world. After its creation we faced numerous difficulties, more than we could ever imagine, but we believe that it was all worth it – hopefully you agree!

Why us? is the first real-time online radio search engine that includes not only search by the station’s name, but also by the station’s features. We found that this is the only way to get consistently good results – for example, if you’re looking for stations that play Rock, the search will show you only stations that play Rock, not some pop hits, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Excellent technology is powered by will help you choose from thousands of radio stations from around the world exactly the ones you are looking for. Don’t waste your time listening to stations that you do not like.

We’ve worked hard to create a simple but powerful search with good navigation and interface, and we’ll keep working to make it even better. If you have any suggestions how we might improve it, we'd love to hear them.

How it works is easy to use, even though it is based on a sophisticated technology. Fundamentally, this is a smart algorithm that processes data of thousands of radio stations in real time and uses the data both collected online and added by users. Our station base is available to thousands of people absolutely for free. We are proud to be able to share these data with the public, and are very grateful to all those wonderful people whose efforts helped to make our website possible.

Why we love online radio.

1. You love a certain music genre, which is outside the rotation of FM/AM radio stations.

2. Many FM/AM radio stations have a limited selection of working material, which is repeated over time.

Internet radio has no such problems, they have no restrictions and works with loads of new materials. Every online radio station is tailored to a specific type of music.

There are several major professional online radio stations with thousands of listeners, while the number of small stations, broadcasted to only several people, is huge. These small stations usually exist solely out of love for music. Online radio stations often sell products or accept donations to be able to survive, so please help them if you like what they do.