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Country: United Kingdom, London
Genre:60s, Rock

Listen to the sound of way-back-when with ATLANTIS.

Tune in and turn on right now by clicking the play button.

ATLANTIS plays the Sixties every day from 05:00 to 19:00.

ATLANTIS Rock can be heard 19:00 to 05:00 daily.

ATLANTIS is available On-line, Mobile and Smart Speakers across the UK and Worldwide plus on DAB + in London and Home Counties.


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Lovely music. Thanks
The commenter has been taught the 'Prejudice Thought Habit'. His suggestion is about the music. The opinion about listeners is superfluous and included only out of his habit to look for a for someone to slander. It is not his fault, the prejudice habit is a side effect of his ideology, which recruits followers by telling them that the world is divided into good people and bad people - and when you are sold that idea, prejudice is only natural. PS/ Thanks for the good music, keep it up :-)
Great songs - ignore all the negative posts by same person as are not true.
This station should be called brainwased radio. Everyday they play the same records and the same singers mainly stevie wonder ,elton john queen every single hour. Brainwash radio. What you all dont know is that they keep playing the same singers records evry hour because the singers management are paying these radio stations to play thier records. Its called payola it was about in thhe sixties. brainwash radio.
nobody answered my comments on 23rd february, I wonder why ?
I thinkits time the national newspapers knew about the payola going on at these radio stations with record companies or singers management paying you to keep playing such singers as lulu and hermans hermits every hour of everyday.
You dont seem to be able to answer why you keep playing Hermans hermits virtually every hour everyday. While im writing this yet another hermans hermits record is playing. UNBELIVABLE>
Your still constantly playing Hermans hermits every hour everyday, I think its time the national newspapers were told about this payola money your getting for playing certain singers everyday on your station. ITS BRAIN WASHING.
Why do you keep playing Hermans Hermits records every hour every day, People are sick and tired of hearing the same records everyday, its brain washing, Are the singers managment paying your station to keep playong the same singers records everyday ? I think so.
thank you atlantis your absolutley brilliant keep it up