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DeepSky Radio

DeepSky Radio

Country: United States
Genre:Top 40, 70s, 60s

From Buddy Holly‘s hometown, DeepSky Radio is the expression of my love for oldies music.

Based on the Top 40 format of the 1960’s, it also includes many songs from the Hot 100.

About Deep Sky Radio

From Buddy Holly’s hometown, DeepSky Radio is the expression of my love for oldies music. Based on the Top 40 format of the 1960’s, it also includes many songs from the Hot 100.

Back as far as I can remember music has always been part of my life. My mother listened to the radio through out the day. The record player was on if the radio wasn’t. She sang all the songs and had a great voice. My sister and I played those 78 RPM records when we were very young. Can’t imagine how many of those brittle records we broke!

Church was a great place to learn music. There I learned to read music and sing. I sang in the school choir throughout elementary.

In Junior High School I would “run” the radio dial at night listening to any station I could find. Many of those I tuned in were from other states. Formats varied from country to Pop to Rock and Roll.

In High School the Rock and Roll stations were KCRS, KECK, and KOSA locally. Lots of competition for listeners among those three! Thankfully, those push button radios in the cars allowed you to keep the music playing without those awful commercials. When a commercial came on, just push a button for another station. Who listened to commercials?

Local radio cut power at sundown. That’s when KOMA out of Oklahoma City would be tuned in at home and in the cars. It faded in and out determined by the “skip”. KOMA was the favorite! 50,000 watts of Power!!

I remember dropping by KOMA in the 9th grade while visiting a cousin in Moore, OK where KOMA was located. My cousin only lived about 5 blocks away so we walked to the studios and they invited us to take a tour. I was on cloud 9!! The DJ on the air at the time allowed us to enter the broadcast studio and watch him work his magic for about 30 minutes. Still can’t believe our good luck!

I slept with the radio on at night while in Junior and High School, and the first ten years of marriage. Bless my sweet wife!

In 1995, now living in Lubbock, Texas, I heard about a radio station that would be playing an oldies format with the old KDAV (the Buddy Holly station). The station was needing more DJ’s. I met Bill Griggs who was THE Buddy Holly authority in the world and publisher of Rockin’ ‘50’s Magazine. Griggs is also a member of The West Texas Walk of Fame. He was also one of the DJs at KDAV. He offered to teach me the how to operate the control board and other equipment so I could be a DJ. Wow!

I was on air personality “Dave on KDAV” for the next 10 years. Virgil Johnson of the Velvets (Top 10 Hit in 1963 “Tonight Could Be The Night”) was also one of the DJs on the station. The station was sold and changed formats in 2005. I sure missed the music, people and time at the station.

Finally, after reading about internet radio to exhaustion, I decided to put Deepsky Radio on the air in 2021. It’s been a blast and I hope you enjoy listening and sharing with your friends.


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