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Country: Nigeria
Genre:Freeform/DJ, Greatest Hits, R&B

We bring to you humour-styled, top-hit music and reality conversations from fast-growing global content producers. Get a global experience at your convenience, and join thousands of people in the FINE tribe. Let's Go Experience a FINE Day.

FINERadioCO is a powerhouse of live shows and original podcasts combined to provide a finesse experience of music, humour and lifestyle content available on mobile, web, radio and over 50 digital platforms on the go!

We are glad we found you and now you can keep up with the FINE tribe of the community.

Our live shows are hosted in 5 global studios by top personalities with affluence for hit songs, humour, giveaways and energetic conversations. 


Our platform is home to original and digital content partners with organised similarities aimed to captivate you through live music and lifestyle shows,  mini-series podcasts release; limited edition podcasts; news explained and much more. We have content produced from  25 Countries around the world and you can audition for your shows too if you are a creator.



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