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In Da Streets Radio

In Da Streets Radio

Country: United States
Genre:Rap/Hip Hop, R&B, 90s
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In Da Streets Radio: Amplifying Voices, Connecting Communities

Founded in 2005 by hip hop artist, songwriter, and tech mogul Nina Capone, In Da Streets Radio started its journey as "Girly Music Radio," a pioneering online radio and media platform dedicated to giving a voice to female artists who were often overlooked and unheard in the music industry. Recognizing the wealth of talent beyond its initial focus, the platform embraced a broader mission, transforming into In Da Streets Radio. This shift allowed it to serve as a pivotal connection between underground artists and DJs across the country and their audiences in bars and nightclubs, significantly extending their reach.

Today, in 2024, In Da Streets Radio stands as a vibrant testament to the power of community in shaping the music scene. It continues to amplify diverse voices from the underground, maintaining its legacy of celebrating women in media while connecting promoters, artists, and podcasters with a global audience. Through persistent innovation and a deep commitment to fostering connections within the music community, In Da Streets Radio proves that community and diversity are the heartbeat of the evolving music landscape.


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