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Loughrea Community Radio

Loughrea Community Radio

Country: Ireland
Genre:Community, Classic hits, Easy Listening
Phone:[email protected]

The magical particles we call radio waves are a glorious gift to the world. Community radio stations are an extraordinary thing because even though they exist all over the world, they are uniquely placed in their own community to make a difference to the society that they serve.

The world’s very first community radio stations emerged in Bolivia during a tin miners’ strike around 1947 offering union members and their families access to the airwaves and opportunities for social benefits and a voice.

Community radios are now running in every continent and even though they have a sole aim of providing a voice to the community, each one is uniquely different.The common threads with each community radio is that they can deliver skills, boost community pride and improve the delivery of services to those who need them most.

Community radio also has a unique ability to reach the isolated, the forgotten and the marginalised.

In other words - community radio is what happens when the power of the people meets the power of the airwaves!

The dream for Loughrea Community Radio is that it will offer Loughrea individuals life-changing opportunities and offer the whole community a much needed social hub.


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