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Nashville Worldwide

Nashville Worldwide

Country: United Kingdom, Hastings
Genre:Country, Bluegrass

Nashville Worldwide is bringing country music to the planet.

Playing country for all over the world in a big happy place.

About Nashville Worldwide

Nashville Worldwide lives and breathes Country and Americana music and has an ethos that harks back to the original radio days.

In today’s modern, fast paced and commercial radio markets, finding a radio station that holds to old school values in broadcasting, where the DJ plays the music they like, can talk about their likes and experiences and engage with artists at all levels of the industry is a rare beast; well, this is where Nashville Worldwide comes in to its own.

DJs are encouraged to make their shows their own, to play the tunes they love, and tell the stories they have. This means that Nashville Worldwide plays a vast array of music spanning the decades and country music genres.  Add to this the large amount of British DJ’s playing into the UK and North American market and you end up with an altogether refreshing station.


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