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Relaks Radio

Relaks Radio

Country: United Kingdom, London
Phone:+44 7852 473473

Since 2018, Relaks Radio has been an independent, self-funded, global phone-in and conservative talk radio station.

With a wide range of target audiences primarily in the UK, our main objective is to create a platform to encourage a two-way conversation and exchange critical information and discuss a plethora of current topics. From entertainment related news to current affairs and politics to business and technology news, lifestyle tips and so much more, we discuss all things interesting with the hopes of keeping the community informed and inspired!

Listeners can tune in via a downloadable mobile phone app through any smart phone operated by Android or iOS. Shows are also broadcasted live on social media platforms in order to engage with a greater audience.

We believe that information is power, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to share vital information with the common folk and encourage conversation that could be deemed to be uncomfortable yet is absolutely essential for organic communal development.


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