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The English 909

The English 909

Country: United Kingdom, London
Genre:90s, Dance, Old School

Fighting for freedom, playing music you just have to sing along to. 

About The English 909

'Real good, feel good radio'

Welcome to a brand new radio style.

Our shows launched in 2009, across various live streaming apps; Periscope, BIGO Live, LiveMe and Faceache (until we got banned).

During 2020 the CovidHoax began, immediately we sprung into action & began a new style of radio shows for Freedom Fighters across the world. 

For too long radio listeners in the UK and across the world have been subjected to lies, manipulation, doom and gloom, plus constant Government propaganda adverts. 

With a HUGE playlist, The English 909 will deliver a brand new listening experience targeting a growing & awakening audience. 


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brilliant station found it by chance, shine on
Absolutely loving this station. Started listening last week and totally addicted, the music variety is immense. Whoever you are that runs this station, thank you for keeping our spirits high x
Spreading the great news of this station to others is now on my mission list. I feel this will have just as much if not more impact than telling people about the forthcoming events that are about to befall humanity if they stay asleep. Thanks and keep up the great work. I