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Your Hits Digital

Your Hits Digital

Country: United Kingdom, Worthing
Genre:Adult contemporary, 50s, 60s

In the spirited month of May 2021, George Talbot & Nikki Power, inspired by the lively heartbeats of music from both sides of the Irish Sea, brought Your Hits Digital to life. Today, the station is a labour of love shared by Nikki Power, Karen and Steve Bartlett, a dynamic trio who keep the airwaves alive with rhythm and soul.

Our playlist dances from the heart-warming tunes of the ’50s right up to today’s chart favourites. We serve a hearty mix of rock, pop, jazz and classical, with a good sprinkle of both British and Irish charm. It’s our band of presenters that truly makes the magic happen. Many have roots in the UK and Ireland, adding a unique blend of warmth, wit, and a touch of the craic to each broadcast.

With Your Hits Digital, every song feels like a tale told by the fireside, a journey down memory lanes of Dublin, Belfast, or even the streets of London. So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa or maybe something stronger, and let us serenade you with the best of music.


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