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Boom Radio

Boom Radio

Country: United Kingdom, Leamington Spa
Genre:Oldies, Easy Listening
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Music variety for 60-75 Baby Boomers.

Boom Radio is an independent commercial radio station, run by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers. Comments on what we do are always welcome.

Boom Radio is run by Boom Radio Ltd a new UK broadcaster, operating on DAB under licence from Ofcom.


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Whats happening to reception from Boom this morning. Keep losing sound? it only lasts for a second or so, But it keeps doing it. Other stations e.g. BBC radio 2 are ok. I'm in Cheshunt Herts by the way
reminds me of the pop pirate set up some crackin 60s nostalgia
Its a breath of fresh air.
Love your station,converted from radio 2 ,I know all the words to the songs you play,makes me feel young again.
Tuned in for first time this morning and loving the tunes! Thank you.
Hi Graham,just noticed your station is for baby boomers 60s to 75s my concern is that I turned 75yrs on May 28th this year and wondered is it ok for me to still listen? Yes I'm bored,I was ment to be hosting my amateur radio clubs Tuesday nett,but 8 Weeks ago I fell over in the garden,next day I went up to hospital had X-Ray,and had a strange gizmo fitted knee to foot fed up with it after couple of weeks and removed it,not an easy job trying to take off the Velcro now I've got a plaster cast fitted,they wernt best pleased with.I would like to say thank you Graham,writing all this down has stopped me feeling bored.Have a good one
Boom Radio is the new Radio 2, The old Radio 2 is Radio 1 and a half.
I'm probably one of your oldest listeners. When I had my two sons, 1959 & 1963, the midwife said pop you transistor radio in their cot or pram sometimes, so I did. They grew up with the music you play and I love it too.
brilliant keep up the good work
Great radio station
this is a great station, keep your work going ceall the best hedley wilkinson
Great wireless station,recognise all the records,I'm a Baby Booker and thanks to Graham Torington for info how to find this station have a good one Ray
Really really enjoying Boom Radio a breath of fresh air!thank you all.
This is good. Radio to enjoy. More retro jingles please!
How do you play Boon on a PC - i can't see 'play' on the home page ?
wife and i have been listening to boom radio since it went on air. this afternoon at around 2pm we lost the signal still not come back on yet can only listen on our lap top .any thoughts on what's going on ?is this a radio2 take over.
This is Brilliant, This is how Radio 1 and Radio 2 used to be. I stopped listening to them ages ago and had been listening to American Radio Stations. Heard the ads that Boom was starting up and been listening ever since. Great to hear David Hamilton back on the airwaves. Keep it up Chaps!!!!!
I'd been trying to find the new radio station for my generation that I'd heard about - and that some DJ's had defected to (which I thought was really exciting - Radio Caroline Days again!) and my husband found it for me - Boom Radio!! I'm here at last!
I too was somewhat taken aback by the playing of Gary Glitter on Sunday's playlist.Not a good choice.
For obvious reasons, disappointed that you have included Gary Glitter in your playlist.
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