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Boom Radio

Boom Radio

Country: United Kingdom, Leamington Spa
Genre:Oldies, Easy Listening
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Music variety for 60-75 Baby Boomers.

Boom Radio is an independent commercial radio station, run by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers. Comments on what we do are always welcome.

Boom Radio is run by Boom Radio Ltd a new UK broadcaster, operating on DAB under licence from Ofcom.


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What a terrific radio station Boom Light is it was what radio needed after the demise of the appalling mess of Radio2 has now got its self into. It took off the air good quality songs and music of which we all became known as easy listening choices with the likes of the late great David Jacobs and Don Black. Absolutely well done Boom light for giving US the older generation something too look forward daily on our radio. Thank you to ALL concerned in helping to bring back Great Quality Easy Listening Music for us to enjoy
In the UK there's certainly no other station remotely like Boom.That's why it's so successful. Real radio.
What a great Radio station after radio2 becoming a mess as as far we the mid to older listerners . Great well done.
Until BOOM arrived I always had to turn down the station I listened to when my husband was around. These days I often arrive home and he is listening to BOOM. I haven't got him singing along yet, but give me time ;)
Loving the sounds playing everything from my life bringing back many memories and even long forgotten moments are revived so glad to have found a station that caters for my generation
Congratulations Boom Radio, loving this station.
At last, a station that really brings back memories of my prime now I`m 75 years young. I particularly like the Vintage Charts on Sunday. Reminds me of rushing home on a Sunday to plug the reel to reel into the old Decca stereogram to record Fluff on Pick of the Pops. Instantly back up to nearly 60 years ago, when I had a lot more hair and a lot less weight. Plenty of other programmes too that bring back the memories and roll back the years. It`s not Caroline or early Radio 1 but its still a great station, even down to using PAMS style jingles and station idents.
i agree one too many commercials,but to be fair radio stations dont run themselves, the music Boom plays is suburb i relive a memory every day, whether it was music played by my parents, i'm 74, tell me a radio station that plays the like of David Whitfield if wasn't for Boom radio music like that would be lost and never to be played and i also have memories of my own too and relive my teenage years and even my daughters teenage years, Boom Radio keep doing what your doing even if we have to put up with a few adverts our memories of our music is kept alive. proud to be boomer
Love Boom Radio but sometimes the songs are seriously old...My folks use to listen to Judy Garland and Bing Crosby, they were born in the 1920's Not many of those folk around. I appreciated Frank Sinatra only because I was spoon fed his songs as a child. I am a Baby Boomer, 65 years old.
My kind of music but have you upset Amazon ? 7 times out 10 when I ask "Alexa* to play Boom radio it lasts about 30 seconds then I have to ask again. Sometimes 'she' offers some alternative Amazon selection with a cost involved !!
Best to see in NEW YEAR MUSIC! We switched OFF the TV as it was full of repeats & did not have the range of music provided by BOOM. Nice to hear loads of old tracks!
Excellent initially, but it now seems driven by too many commercials & an increasing amount of tracks outside its original remit. Less 1990's + & more 1950's please! It seems that the bigger BOOM gets, the more it becomes commercially driven.
Wonderful, a radio station that plays music from 50s 60s and70s also the the odd current release. So fed up with capitol gold and radio two I have let everyone at our club how to tune in to your station.
No more looooop radio thank u.xxxxx.
The concept is brilliant, using the experience of dj's of the era, but age seems to have taken the edge off. The freshness that was pirate radio does not seem to be there, definitely lacking the jingles. I know times have moved on, but there is still a place for nostalgia, but needs the spark of old. I am not aware of the politics etc., behind the operation, or any licensing restrictions, but with so many experienced staff a bit more life could be injected into the presentation style. I hope that subtle changes can be made without upsetting the listeners too,much. When I saw the article on tv I was really looking forward to recreating my long lost youth with the music I have loved for all these years. Maybe being a mobile dj all this time has spoils me a bit, all I can say is nice try, lot's of love.
This radio station is brilliant.
l have 2 DAB radios and can receive other progs on DAB, but Boom is not listed in stations. Surely E.Sussex is covered. Can anyone else in Brighton get Boom on a DAB radio ?
At last, a station that I can listen to all day. Brings back a lot of memories.
Whats happening to reception from Boom this morning. Keep losing sound? it only lasts for a second or so, But it keeps doing it. Other stations e.g. BBC radio 2 are ok. I'm in Cheshunt Herts by the way
reminds me of the pop pirate set up some crackin 60s nostalgia
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