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Cornucopia Radio

Cornucopia Radio

Country: United Kingdom, Sheffield
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Talk
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Audio for people with imagination!

About Cornucopia Radio

Cornucopia Radio’ started in 2008 and is the name that’s given to all the different award winning audio projects that are overseen by Peter Beeston in Sheffield, UK.

Most of the productions are recorded in various different locations across Sheffield, using local writers and performers. We hire out the spaces and then have as much fun as we can, rehearsing and performing all the varied scripts and shows that we’ve been sent. Most of our shows are ‘one-off’ productions, but we do have some permanent ongoing shows; like our sci-fi comedy sitcom Pod To Pluto

We tackle a wide mixture of genres, from ‘serious drama’ to ‘silly comedies’. Essentially, if the concept is interesting and well written; we’ll try and make it. Regardless of the subject!


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