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Eclectic Mix

Eclectic Mix

Country: United States
Genre:Variety, Indie

Variety format emphasizing indie pop, dream pop, and new wave.

About Eclectic Mix

Radio the way it should be!

I used to listen to the radio to discover new music. The problem is, they play the same old songs over and over. I knew there are tons of great music that never gets played. I believe the bigger the playlist the better. I want my listeners to hear something new and different every time they tune in. I listen to thousands of songs but only a small percentage make the playlist. Most music is crap. I hear endless variations of the same melodies. When I hear a melody I’ve never heard before, I consider adding it to the playlist. Sometimes I listen to every song by an artist only to find one or two good ones, or oftentimes nothing. There are lots of hidden gems out there no one has ever heard. I guarantee If you listen long enough, you will discover your new favorite song or band.


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