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Radio KFAT

Radio KFAT

Country: United States
Genre:Variety, Freeform/DJ, 80s

Punk Country.  Saddle Sweat Music.  Who Stole My Screwdrivers?  Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas.  High chloresterol low protein radio. 

About Radio KFAT

Radio KFAT was born out of a need for nostalgia, a hunger for the humanity that is real, and raw, like it used to be.  If you enjoy the station, please leave a message in the "contact" section, tell me a story you remember about kfat, or Gilroy.  Where were you when you first heard kfat?  
Radio KFAT does not appologize for skipping or scratchy records.  Operating out of Elko, Nv. where authentic is the meaning of the town.  My name is Elsbeth Lansman, and this site is in memory of all the great Fatties who are no longer with us.  May your memory live on through the music.  
Radio KFAT plays tapes of KFAT, KFAT songs, FAT comedy, tapes of live FAT FRY shows, and occasionally venturing out into some other time frame with something that is relevant to kfat, in some way.  Keep an ear on the station for new content added daily, and keep an eye on the photos page as well.  
​We are glad you're here!


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