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Illadelphia Radio

Illadelphia Radio

Country: United States
Genre:Indie, Nu jazz, Rap/Hip Hop
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Started in 2018 Illadelphia Radio broadcasting from West Philadelphia has become a welcoming space for the listener that enjoys various genres of music. If you like jazz, neo soul, instrumentals or hip hop just to name a few, Illadelphia Radio is a great place for your preferred taste in music.

Created to be a radio station that catered to artist that don't receive fair air play, Illadelphia Radio plays a mix of Independent, unsigned, signed and up and coming Artist from around the world. Illadelphia Radio has become a melting pot for finding unknown artist and musician. Recording artist that make our programming also have the benefit of begin paid royalties for their played music. (See Royalties Section)

We have a worldwide platform and have listeners on 5 different continents. This allows us to have a diverse catalog and introduce our audience to creators from countries such Ukraine, England, Jamaica and Canada.

This year is big for Illadelphia Radio. We are updating and revamping our website. We are presenting new content such as the Jimmy Bonds Podcast which offers up in-depth discussions on current events as well as topics and issues that the main stream media refuses to talk about. In addition we are also looking forward to our 'Artist Spotlight' section that will provide additional exposure to our music creators. (See Artist Spotlight)

We look forward to continuing to provide great music to our audience and gaining new listeners in the process. Thank you for visiting our website and please come back. 

 24/7 commercial free Illadelphia Radio Live from the 215


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