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Smile Radio

Smile Radio

Country: United Kingdom, Wolverhampton
Genre:Mix, Greatest Hits, Charity
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We are an internet based Radio Station broadcasting live 24/7. We have a wide range of music genres a ranging from Rock, Dance, Blues, Jazz, Pop and many more. Smile Radio Live is a new, refreshing station in a significant industry that we feel needs a new direction. So here we are, streaming, playing great music and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Our philosophy is to stretch listener’s memories, with a wide range of great music, some historical tracks, and introduce some fresh sounds from up-and-coming performers. But how do you get an authentic but varied playlist? We thought, ‘have presenters that are not pre-conditioned’, presenters that have their ‘own passion’ for their ‘own music’ through the ages.

But where do you get such presenters?

With three main charity causes that 10% of our nett profits go to, Mental Health Wellbeing Succeed with Dyslexia and Home for Homeless. We searched for people who have contributed their own time and efforts and indeed passion for these causes.’ Highlighting those that also had a passion for music.

After 6 weeks of workshops, video training and mentoring, supporting and encouraging, we now have 20 of the brightest, unique Smile Radio Live presenters anywhere in the world.


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