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UK Health Radio

UK Health Radio

Country: United Kingdom, London
Phone:+44 20 3239 4423

UK Health Radio™ - real 'feel good' radio - is a London-based national and international health communications radio station and website specialising in producing and distributing written and audio information on health, fitness and wellbeing – not just for health professionals, but also for those of us who think and care about their health, those who wish to receive comprehensive information, who are open-minded to new ideas and those who recognise that happiness is a challenge without good health.

Our Health Radio in the UK is particularly interested in issues of general health, cancer prevention and treatment, cardiovascular care, women's issues, mental health, elder care, sexual health, fitness, wellbeing, avoidance of stress, nutrition, healthy eating, fitness and avoidance of accidents and trauma.


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Fantastic station, with an enormous amount of health information. I have recommended it to all my friends and they are just as thrilled to have discovered this platform. Keep up the good work guys.