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Wrightington Hospital Radio

Wrightington Hospital Radio

Country: United Kingdom, Wigan
Genre:Hospital Radio
Phone:01257 256361
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Hospital Radio Wrightington is a registered charity whose purpose is to inform, educate and relieve sickness, infirmity and/or old age amongst persons living in Wigan and surrounding areas, by providing a local broadcasting service to be transmitted by landline or by any other means for the hospitals of the Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, hospices, old persons' homes and/or similar institutions, and wherever possible, providing a similar service to the local community to assist patients receiving "Care in the Community".

We are entirely run by volunteers and have around 32 members of which twenty five are regularly involved in the delivery of programmes.  These programmes are available at the bedsides in the hospitals and units of The Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.

Whilst we do broadcast on the internet, this is mainly for the families and friends of staff and patients at the hospitals in the Trust.  Our main purpose is to provide a service for the Patients.

A recent survey for the Hospital Broadcasting Association found that hospital radio has a major impact on patients and the hospital experience by:

  • reducing boredom through entertainment
  • reducing loneliness through social interaction
  • reducing anxiousness through being calming and a distraction
  • reducing disorientation through creating a sense of belonging
  • reducing depersonalisation through helping people feel like an individual
  • reducing ill health through increasing health and wellbeing awareness


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